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Global Digital Support

Connect, click, communicate — that's all it takes.


Slowing down isn't an option. That's why Global Digital Support keeps you moving forward around the clock and anywhere in the world.
With built-in, intuitive guidance, a robust online knowledge base and experts on call, you can get fixes for mission-critical devices, fast. Every step is supported by more than 40 years of service know-how.
The result? Maximum device uptime and minimal headaches.

Access our online knowledge base and see how Global Digital Support can help you maintain peak uptime.


Connect: Self-Monitoring. Simple. Smart.

Configure your device to self-monitor, and it will make adjustments, send meter readings and order supplies automatically. If there’s ever an issue, simply follow the on-screen prompts to resolve it.

  • Access to the full Xerox online knowledge base comes standard
  • Meter readings are sent automatically
  • Toner, ink and waste toner bottle orders are all automatic
  • Connect directly on device or connect multiple devices through a Device Agent

Remote Print Services Supported Products List

Xerox ISO Certification

SHA2 Security Certification Bulletin

Automatic Supplies Replenishment FAQs

Automatic Supplies Replenishment Brochure


Click: Deep Engineering Expertise Is At Your Fingertips.

Access the same knowledge base used by our technicians and find the answers you need.

  • Can search our knowledge base on support.itsumo-ok.com or Google, 24/7
  • Can interact with the intelligent Digital Agent to get the answers and videos you need
  • Can also be transferred to chat with our Digital Support Experts if more help is needed


Communicate: Digital Support Experts, Effective Solutions.

2020欧洲杯官方网站Communicate with our Global Digital Support experts, and they can analyze your device online to diagnose and find the most effective solution for your problem.

  • Discuss resolution step-by-step via text, audio, or two-way video chat
  • Customer-replaceable parts will be sent to you directly

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Xerox® Support Engage

2020欧洲杯官方网站Download the Support Mobile App now

Need Technical Support?


of hardware problems are fixed remotely in less than 12 minutes.


of software problems are fixed digitally.


of requests are responded to within 1 minute.

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